Reformation Day and Taking a Stand Against Corruption

Yesterday was Reformation Day, the day we remember Marin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. That day, October 31, 1517 is seen as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, when doctrines like justification were brought to the forefront after years of Christians being told they had to earn or buy their way to salvation.

Luther’s 95 Thesis outlined that the Bible is the supreme authority, that salvation comes through faith, not works, and that the Bible should be accessible to all (putting that belief into action, Luther ended up translating the Bible into German).

Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church after refusing to recant his teachings

It marks the start, but what we can’t see are the true beginnings of the movement, when an individual decided enough was enough in seeing the corruption of the church. Rather than simply walking away, he pressed in, he studied scripture, he discovered truth for himself.

But he didn’t stop there. He ensured that truth was made known.

Reformation day is always a reminder for me that when we see something that is wrong, we become part of that corruption unless we speak against it. We take part in the corruption until we determine that the price paid for truth is worth far more than the false security of inaction.

“Peace if possible. Truth at all costs.” – Martin Luther


Published by Marissa

I am an ordained minister and have my M.A. in Theology & Culture. I have worked with church plants across the United States, served with ministries in France and Turkey, and spent years working against sex trafficking alongside incredible organizations. I believe that theology is for everyone, and that’s why I’m passionate about teaching and mentoring believers in their faith journey.

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